Episode 176

In this episode, Chris and Ross welcome Zack Pradel, a true automotive aficionado, who has taken his passion for cars to new heights through his Shooting Cars YouTube channel. With an impressive resume boasting over 1,200 car reviews, Zack brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of vehicles, both old and new.

Zack kicks off the episode by sharing his adventures with his beloved 1931 Ford Model A, a vintage gem that’s a testament to his deep appreciation for automotive history. From cruising down memory lane to the challenges of maintaining a classic beauty, Zack provides a glimpse into the unique joys and trials of owning a piece of automotive heritage.

But Zack’s interests extend far beyond the vintage realm. Listeners are in for a treat as he recounts his recent experience selling a Mazda RX-7, delving into the emotional attachment that comes with parting ways with a beloved modern classic. His candid insights offer a window into the bittersweet world of letting go of a cherished car.

As the conversation shifts gears, the team and Zack dive headfirst into the latest off-road titans hitting the market. The Wrangler 392 and Bronco Raptor take center stage as they dissect the performance, design, and capabilities of these rugged giants. Zack’s expert opinions and unique perspective provide listeners with a comprehensive look at what these off-road marvels bring to the table.

From revving engines to crunching gravel, this episode of Off The Road Again Podcast is a captivating ride through the ever-evolving landscape of automotive passion. Whether you’re a history buff yearning for the nostalgia of classic cars or an adrenaline junkie seeking the thrill of modern off-roaders, Zack Pradel’s tales and insights are sure to ignite your automotive enthusiasm.