In this episode of ‘Off The Road Again,’ we dive deep into the world of rugged off-road vehicles with our special guest, Kamil Kaluski. Known for his adventurous spirit and deep knowledge of the automotive industry, Kamil shares his experience owning a Ford Bronco and his recent decision to part with his beloved 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

Join us as we also catch up with Ross, who shares his insights from his time behind the wheel of the new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The conversation then shifts gears to Kamil’s experiences with the new Ford Ranger diesel in Poland.

But that’s not all! Kamil opens up about his reasons for selling the Prado, sparking a fascinating discussion about what he’s eyeing for his next off-road adventure.

Meanwhile, Chris recounts his journey to Boulder, where he picked up a roof rack for his Suburban from Baseline Overland, adding another layer of intrigue to our off-road explorations.

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or just love hearing about adventurous journeys, this episode is packed with engaging stories, expert opinions, and a deep dive into the world of rugged, terrain-conquering vehicles. Don’t miss out on this off-the-beaten-path adventure with ‘Off The Road Again!’ 🚙💨🏔️