Episode 183

Prepare for another episode of Off The Road Again as Ross and Chris welcome Cory Fourniquet, the auto-reviewing guru behind GT: Garage Talk to the show. With an eye for detail and unparalleled passion for all things automotive, Cory has been giving enthusiasts in-depth insights into the latest vehicles on his highly engaging YouTube channel.

As we navigate through each vehicle’s specs, strengths, and potential setbacks, Cory also sheds light on the unique features that make each of the test vehicles a standout in their class. Whether you’re an offroad aficionado or just a car enthusiast, this episode is packed with insights, expert reviews, and a dash of Cory’s humor.

So strap in and gear up for an automotive deep dive! It’s time to hit the road (and sometimes off it) with Cory Fourniquet on this riveting episode of Off The Road Again!

Tune in now! 🚙🌄

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