When we talk about overlanding, it’s not just about the rugged tires, the suspension lifts, or the state-of-the-art rooftop tents. It’s about the journey. It’s about the sense of adventure that beckons us into the unknown, the stories of the landscapes we traverse, and the people we encounter. And while the thrill of the drive and the beauty of remote destinations are unmatched, there’s another way to delve deep into the overlanding spirit: through the pages of travel and adventure literature.

For decades, authors have been documenting their vehicular travels, sharing their tales of challenging terrains, unexpected encounters, and the sheer bliss of living life on the road. These books have inspired countless adventurers, including many of us in the off-road community, to outfit our rigs and set out to create stories of our own. They not only capture the essence of the journey but also provide invaluable insights and tips for those looking to embark on their own overland expedition.

In today’s blog post, we’ll delve into some of the most iconic overland and vehicle travel books that have shaped the ethos of the off-road community. Whether you’re a seasoned overlander or just a dreamer with wanderlust in your eyes, these literary journeys promise to take you places your vehicle hasn’t been to… yet.

Join us as we shift gears from the dirt tracks to the printed pages, and discover tales that fuel our passion for exploration. Whether it’s the vastness of the African plains or the intricate trails of the South American jungles, these books are a testament to the indomitable spirit of the overlander. Strap in and get ready to be inspired.

The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada

The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada

The allure of overland travel is palpable: the freedom, the exploration, the connection with nature. And with North America’s vast landscapes offering some of the most diverse terrains and stunning vistas, it’s no wonder many choose this continent as their playground. Enter TeriAnn Wakeman’s The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada. A tome that, in my eyes, every off-road enthusiast should have on their shelf.

TeriAnn Wakeman, known for her deep-seated passion for overlanding and an encyclopedic knowledge of off-road vehicles, has meticulously compiled a guide that both novices and seasoned overlanders will find invaluable.

In summary, The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada is more than just a book; it’s a compass guiding us through the intricacies of overlanding in North America. TeriAnn Wakeman has outdone herself, presenting a guide that is as essential as the spare tire on your rig. Whether you’re just starting your overland journey or have countless trails under your belt, this guide promises to shed new light, offer renewed perspectives, and ensure every journey is one for the books.

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: How to Visit 47 U.S. National Parks in Two Months on a Budget

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: How to Visit 47 U.S. National Parks in Two Months on a Budget

Embarking on a road trip to visit the vast array of U.S. National Parks is a dream many of us harbor. Christina Bogantz and Melissa Rios have not only realized this dream but also meticulously documented their journey to create a guide for fellow adventurers. Their book, The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: How to Visit 47 U.S. National Parks in Two Months on a Budget, is a must-read for overland enthusiasts and casual travelers alike.

Exploring the homeland has gained newfound traction. Why venture far when the beauty of America’s national parks is just a drive away? This journey is an invitation to delve into marvels you might have never imagined.

From scaling frost-kissed peaks to descending into subterranean wonders, from meandering through fern-laden forests to sauntering on sun-kissed shores, every terrain awaits your tread!

Whether you’re taking a dip in the chilly embrace of glacier-fed lakes or unwinding in nature’s heated pools, from diving into pristine waters to stand-up paddling amidst lurking marine life, from being enveloped in geyser steam to the revitalizing sprays of cascading falls, the adventures are limitless!

Be it the awe of the dawn’s first light or the mesmerizing dance of stars, from vast congregations of roaming bison to playful dolphins alongside your vessel, with giants of the forest above and abyssal gorges below, every moment promises to astound.

The guide doesn’t stop at just sceneries; it also dives into the nitty-gritty. From discerning the ideal seasons for each park visit, and crafting the perfect sleeping setup, to dishing up meals right from your vehicle’s back, this manual has got you covered. Prepare to embark on the most memorable journey of your life!

In essence, The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: How to Visit 47 U.S. National Parks in Two Months on a Budget is more than just a travel guide. It’s a testament to the spirit of adventure, the beauty of the U.S. National Parks, and the joy of discovery. Bogantz and Rios, through their comprehensive approach and captivating narratives, have provided a roadmap not just for a road trip, but for an experience of a lifetime.

We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South America

Freedom, as they say, is a state of mind. But for Graeme Robert Bell and Luisa Bell, it was also found on the rugged trails of Africa and the winding roads of South America. Their literary chronicle, We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South America, stands as a beacon for all who dream of charting their own path across our planet’s most captivating terrains.

We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South America

Journey’s Genesis:

Graeme and Luisa aren’t your quintessential travelers. Discontent with the mundanity of modern living and yearning for a life less ordinary, the couple, along with their children, decided to redefine the essence of freedom. What began as a quest for liberation turned into an overlanding odyssey that would span continents.

Africa – A Land of Diversity:

Navigating the African wilderness, the Bell family immersed themselves in a tapestry of landscapes – from the sunbaked Sahara to the verdant expanse of the Congo. But more than just the terrain, it was the continent’s heart and soul, its people and cultures, that left an indelible mark on them.

South America – A Symphony of Surprises:

From the vastness of Patagonia to the peaks of the Andes, South America presented a whole new set of challenges and wonders. Whether negotiating the treacherous Death Road in Bolivia or savoring the ethereal beauty of Machu Picchu, the Bells embraced every facet of this vibrant continent.

Beyond the Roads:

While the book meticulously documents their overlanding adventures, it’s not just about the drive. Graeme and Luisa delve deep into the philosophical, contemplating what it truly means to be free in a world bound by conventions. Their narrative intertwines the physical with the introspective, offering readers a profound look into the transformative power of travel.

We Will Be Free is more than a travelogue – it’s a testament to the human spirit’s indefatigable desire to explore, learn, and grow. The Bell family’s journey compels us to challenge our own boundaries and question our definitions of freedom. For those with a spark of adventure or those seeking introspection, this book is a compass pointing toward the boundless possibilities that life has to offer.

Check out Graeme and Luisa’s latest book, Travel The Planet Overland: Field Manual

Where Should We Camp Next?: A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

Where Should We Camp Next?: A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

The timeless allure of camping speaks to the wanderer in all of us. From starlit nights under the vast sky to the raw, untamed beauty of nature, camping is an experience that resonates deeply. And now, with Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi’s Where Should We Camp Next?, that experience is poised to be richer and more varied than ever before.

A Geographic Odyssey:

This isn’t just a guide; it’s a journey through all 50 states, each presenting its unique camping charm. From the rugged coasts of Oregon to the rolling hills of Tennessee, the Puglisis leave no stone unturned.

Diverse Accommodations:

The guide transcends traditional camping grounds. The Puglisis introduces readers to an array of unique outdoor accommodations, from treetop cabins in the Pacific Northwest to desert yurts in Arizona, ensuring a fresh experience every time.

Overlanding Integration:

For the overland and off-road enthusiasts, this book is a gem. The authors provide valuable insights into accessing some of the more remote accommodations with your rig, along with tips on gear, setup, and ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Personal Touch:

What sets this guide apart is the personal narratives. The Puglisis share their own experiences, the challenges faced, and the breathtaking moments, making it as much a travel diary as it is a guide.

Practical Advice:

Beyond the destinations, the guide offers a plethora of practical tips, from booking best practices to essential camping gear. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-timer, the Puglisis have got you covered.

Where Should We Camp Next? is more than a mere collection of campgrounds. It’s an invitation to explore, to experience, and to fall in love with the outdoors all over again. The Puglisis, with their extensive travels and captivating narratives, have crafted a guide that will likely find a permanent spot in the glove compartments and backpacks of travelers across the nation.

The Four-Wheeler’s Bible: The Complete Guide to Off-Road and Overland Adventure Driving

The Four-Wheeler's Bible: The Complete Guide to Off-Road and Overland Adventure Driving

In the world of off-roading and overlanding, knowledge is as essential as the right set of tires. The Four-Wheeler’s Bible: The Complete Guide to Off-Road and Overland Adventure Driving doesn’t just aim to educate; it aspires to be the definitive manual for all things rugged and off-the-beaten-path. Presented by Motorbooks Workshop.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or just dipping your tires into the four-wheeling world, this guide provides the insights you need to elevate your next overland adventure. Four-wheeling maestros Jim Allen and James Weber kick off with vital tips on being prepared for emergencies and then delve into every crucial aspect you should be aware of, from respecting trail norms to embracing cutting-edge tech. Allen and Weber simplify the complexities of four-wheel-drive mechanics and offer recommendations for tweaks and upgrades to make your rig both dependable and apt for its purpose.

This revamped third edition is not only visually appealing but also integrates insights on the latest GPS and communication devices, strategies for mapping out overland journeys, and updates on new off-roading vehicles to enrich your overlanding prowess. With your vehicle primed, you’ll be trail-ready. Allen and Weber impart knowledge on adeptly navigating a myriad of off-road scenarios. And when things don’t go as planned – because they sometimes don’t – they also guide you in extricating yourself from challenging predicaments. Off-roading is more than just the drive; it’s an encompassing experience. The duo ensures you’re geared up for virtually any expedition, regardless of how remote or wild your destination is.

In essence, The Four-Wheeler’s Bible stands true to its name, offering a holistic guide to the world of off-road and overland adventure driving. Whether you’re a seasoned trailblazer or someone just dipping their toes into the muddy waters of off-roading, this book promises to be an invaluable companion on all your adventures.

Off the Grid: Drive, Navigate & Survive Off-Road

For those consumed by wanderlust, the beaten path is often too mainstream. But when you decide to veer off the known trails, you need more than just a robust vehicle—you need knowledge, preparation, and the spirit of adventure. Enter Jack Peters’ Off the Grid: Drive, Navigate & Survive Off-Road, a guide that promises to equip you for the challenges of the untamed wilderness.

A decade in its conception, this comprehensive guide is perfect for novices and seasoned overland adventurers alike. Spanning 313 pages, it boasts countless images detailing effective off-road configurations, global expeditions, driving mastery, escape tactics, GPS expertise, communication strategies, emergency fixes, and survival essentials. Furthermore, it offers insights into the merits and drawbacks of tents, rooftop tents, journey trailers, vans, campers, and rugged RVs. Authored by Jack W. Peters, recognized for his role as the GPS and explosives expert on shows like Discovery Channel’s ‘Treasure Quest’ and Netflix’s ‘Adak Gold’, his guidance stems from his experiences as the lead of a 4WD Search & Rescue brigade and thrilling escapades in locations such as Bolivia, India, and Baja races.

Off the Grid is more than just a manual; it’s a testament to the spirit of exploration. Jack Peters, with his intricate knowledge and firsthand experiences, crafts a narrative that is both instructional and inspirational.

So, whether you’re an overlanding aficionado or someone yearning to break free from urban confines, Peters’ guide is the compass you need. Ready to embrace the wilderness? “Off the Grid” is your first step to uncharted territories.

The Road Chose Me by Dan Grec

Adventure often begins where the road ends. And for some intrepid souls, that call of the wild, that urge to venture beyond the known, becomes a way of life. Dan Grec’s The Road Chose Me is a testament to this spirit of unbridled exploration.

The Road Chose Me

Embarking from the chilly reaches of Alaska’s North to the fiery ends of South America’s Tierra del Fuego, Dan began a journey in his Jeep that would profoundly reshape his outlook on life. Covering a staggering forty thousand miles across two years and sixteen nations, this expedition was more than just a drive—it was a transformative experience.

Having meticulously saved, dreamt, and strategized, Dan’s quest was to see if the seemingly impossible could be achieved by an everyday individual. With minimal funds, no corporate backing, and a newfound enthusiasm for the Spanish language, he dove headfirst into his mission. Embracing an authentic approach, he journeyed unaided by modern GPS, finding rest under the night sky in a traditional tent. His goal? To immerse himself fully in the wonders of the two continents. Whether it was prodding molten lava or trekking iconic mountain ranges, encountering dubious officials or making camp alongside warm-hearted Ecuadorians, every sunrise heralded a fresh adventure.

Throughout his travels, he was introduced to a myriad of intriguing and enlightening individuals, each leaving an indelible mark on his soul. Through their unique narratives and insightful nudges, Dan absorbed invaluable life wisdom. Latin America, with its distinct rhythm and vibrant tapestry, offered him a novel vantage point to reflect upon our contemporary, bustling world.

“The Road Chose Meis more than a travelogue—it’s a profound reflection on life and the choices we make. Grec’s narrative compels us to question our own boundaries, both geographical and personal. For those with an insatiable wanderlust or those simply seeking inspiration from the comfort of their armchair, this book is a beacon, illuminating the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

Be sure to check out Dan’s episodes of the podcast: Africa & Australia. Also, check out The Road Chose Me Volume 2.

Americas Overland – The Driving Handbook

For those with a penchant for adventure and a dream to traverse the length and breadth of the Americas, Donald Greene’s Americas Overland – The Driving Handbook is your quintessential guide. Charting a course from the frosty terrains of Alaska to the sultry plains of Patagonia, this handbook is a treasure trove of insights for every overland enthusiast.

Greene’s Americas Overland isn’t just a manual; it’s an invitation. An invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, challenge, and unparalleled beauty. For rookies and seasoned overlanders alike, this handbook promises to be an invaluable companion, ensuring that you’re not just prepared but inspired to take the road less traveled.



Overlanders’ Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: Car,4WD, Van, Truck

Dipped in the ink of adventure and bound by the thrill of exploration, Chris Scott’s Overlanders’ Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide is nothing short of a magnum opus for those yearning to push

Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: Car,4WD, Van, Truck

boundaries, quite literally, in their vehicles. Navigating from the urban highways to the dust-swirled trails of untouched locales, this book equips readers with the essence of overlanding on a global scale.

Drawing from the collective wisdom of a seasoned group of world travelers and specialists, Chris Scott crafts the ultimate guide for charting vehicle-reliant adventures across the untouched terrains of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Dive into the “Overlanders’ Handbook,” penned with Chris’s signature flair for engaging yet straightforward prose – ensuring you don’t need to be a car expert to benefit.

This freshly updated second edition has been meticulously researched and distilled into a more streamlined paperback format, moving away from its initial hardback iteration. Dive into:

Beginner’s Prep –

Pinpointing the best times to embark, assessing common expenses, navigating required documentation, exploring the realm of sponsorship, and reflecting on pioneering overland expeditions.

Selecting and Modifying Your Ride –

This guide offers the most exhaustive exploration in print about selecting your ideal travel companion – be it tweaking an affordable car, fitting a 4×4 for extended adventures, crafting a campervan, or even constructing a custom living space for an all-terrain truck.

Road Etiquette and Survival –

Equip yourself with strategies to manage unpredictable border controls, master the art of bargaining, treat unexpected illnesses, and adapt to the myriad driving challenges on the road. Delve into wilderness accommodation; navigating off-the-beaten-path; logistics of forwarding transport; essential tips for solo female travelers; insights for those journeying with children or pets; tackling vehicle breakdowns; and mastering off-grid driving.

Continental Pathways –

A glimpse into various overland routes, spanning the popular to the little-known paths across continents. Get up-to-date fuel costs, border insights, ideal travel seasons, visa approaches, potential risk areas, and key regional attractions.

Tales from the Trails –

Immerse in captivating chronicles of extended global escapades in diverse vehicles – from vans to 4x4s to all-terrain behemoths. These tales, shared by travelers ranging from 9 to 69, offer a firsthand taste of overlanding.

Scott’s Overlanders’ Handbook is more than just a guide; it’s a manifesto for the wanderer, the explorer, and the dreamer. Meticulously detailed yet suffused with the spirit of adventure, this book beckons every reader to embark on their own journey, assuring them that with the right preparation, the world is truly their oyster.

The world of overlanding is vast, rich, and filled with adventures that beckon the brave and the curious. Whether you’re an ardent offroader, a seasoned overlander, or just beginning your journey, arming yourself with knowledge is just as crucial as equipping your vehicle. To aid you on your journey, we’ve delved deep into the best reads out there that every overland aficionado should consider adding to their collection.